our School Olympic games COMPETITION

We are having great time in organising our symbolic School Olympics in honour   to the forthcoming London Summer Olympic games 2012

Zadar, Croatia
O.Š.B.Kašića Zadar, Croatia /Ksenija Vidmar-Ninčević
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On Tuesday 12 June, Balmuildy Primary held an Olympic School Sports Day. It was a huge success.  In the accompanying photopeach slide show, you can read some reports by our students, describing this fantastic day. In addition I have included some t-shirt designs which were sadly too late for entry to the competition, but I felt I would like to share with our partners. Our pupils produced such wonderful work, I wanted to give them the chance to be seen! Hopefully I shall be able to upload some photos of the day, very soon. BALMUILDY OLYMPICS on PhotoPeach
by Linda Kay, Balmuidly Primary, Scotland, UK

The Olympic Competition in Sibiu, 

 Our Olympic Competition
Three groups of 10 students each competed at the end of May 2012 in what proved to be our very own extremely successful Olympic Competition!
The competition was ENGLISH RUNNING DICTATION (see this good definition of 'running dictation' on Wiktionary: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/running_dictation), and a group of students - Madalina, Ruxandra, Roxana, Amalia and Teodor -, 11 years of age, chose to present it on the 12th of June at the Posters Session - have a look at this short video of the making of the poster:

  The RUNNING DICTATION activity was a lively contest. We practised speaking, listening, writing, remembering and running! A 20-line poem about the numbers 1 to 10 was chosen - here it is:
It is a splendid poem entitled "Mary Jane counts to ten" written by Olive Phillips.
3 copies were made and put in the smaller schoolyard on the ground. The 3 groups of students were placed at equal distances from one copy. Taking turns, the students needed to run to read part of the poem on the ground. They remembered a line, or half of it, and ran back to their group. They dictated what they read and remembered to their partners, and one of them wrote this down on a leaf of paper.
This is how a part of the poem looked like on one of the groups' paper:
Over several turns they built the whole poem!
The winning team was one of the two groups that finished first (virtually on the same split second!) - the winners were decided taking into account the most accurate poem.
This is the final classification:
The correction of the completed texts made the students notice aspects of what they had remembered, dictated and written down that might not be accurate. It encouraged the use of metalanguage (the language to talk about language) too!
All in all, this was a great collaborative activity, and it really injected fun into learning at the same time! The contest incentive added to the entertainment, as in the end we pronounced all the participants WINNERS!
Daniela Bunea and her students at Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar in Sibiu, Romania

by Željka Zagorac, Zagreb, Croatia
June,the15th - last sshool day in Croatia - competition in football and dodgeball for all students.

Our mini-Olympics in June in Zadar centre (Croatia)
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http://smilebox.com/playBlog/4d7a49774e6a63334d7a413d0d0a&blogview=true  ...that ended with the presentation of Zadar  Schools: OUR SCHOOL WAS REPRESENTED BY OUR PLAY 'PRINCESS AMALIA' whose authors are eTwinning team & Ksenija.

with Antoinetta Calo

Olympic celebration at "don L. Milani"
                                                   with Antoinetta Calo
 Hi dear friend, this is the final celebration at school of our winners.Have a look!

************** ENJOY! **************
Hi dear friend, this is the final celebration at school of our winners.Have a look!

********** ENJOY **************



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